Video Game Rentals – Is it Better to Rent Or Buy a Video Game?

Do you find yourself spending $60 or more per video only to play it until you pass it and then you move on to something else and never play that video game again? If that sounds like you, you are not alone. Most of the people who buy video games do just that. They buy, play it till they finish and never play it again. You are simply throwing your money if you are buying them. Read this article to learn of the pros and cons of video game rentals.

First off, there are hundreds of great games that you would love to get your hands on and play them. But buying them all means สล็อต spending a fortune. Average game price is $59.99 plus tax. Even if you just bought one game a month you are looking at spending over $700 a year on them. If you try to sell your used game, you will be lucky to get $20 for each.

First off, I recommend you stop buying them. You can rent video games from companies like GameFly. GameFly is the industry leader in video game rentals and they have several distribution centers so they can get your games out quickly to you.

The benefit of renting games instead of buying them is you spend a lot less money and you get to play a lot more games! Also, if you end up scratching a game you bought, you can’t repair it or return it to the store and exchange it. If you do video game rentals, you can simply send it back and they will send you a fully working one. However, they check them out before sending them to ensure something like that doesn’t happen.

Another benefit is that unlike Blockbuster, GameFly doesn’t charge you late fees. You can return the game at any time.

Another advantage to renting is that you don’t have to drive out to pick up a game, they are delivered right to your mailbox. Return envelop and postage is also provided. So you save money on gas. After all, who doesn’t want to save money?