Geocaching Alternatives – GeoCheckpointing, GPS Games, Munzee And Tourality

A great deal of GPS clients invest their past-energy by geocaching, a pleasant open air action where the clients find stowed away holders called geocaches. Nonetheless, certain individuals may likewise like another GPS games. This article presents some geocaching options like GeoCheckpointing, GPS Games, Munzee and Tourality.


The most up to date game for GPS clients was created to improve the clients’ insight. GeoCheckpoints are not secret like the reserves, they are obviously noticeable so you will find them in a moment and afterward you can go on in your excursion. There are likewise no paper logs. You note a three-letter code on the GeoCheckpoint and use max855 it to log your visit on the authority GeoCheckpointing site. To put it plainly, on the off chance that you like to invest more energy by moving outside and less time via looking through secret compartments and composing logs, than GeoCheckpointing is the right geocaching elective for you.

GPS Games

GPS Games accompany extremely intriguing idea. In the event that you visit their site, you will have a choice to browse different games – – Geodashing, Shutterspot, MinuteWar, GeoPoker, GeoGolf and furthermore conventional Geocaching. In view of the gathering surveys it appears to be the most famous game is Geodashing. In this game there are haphazardly created facilitates all over the planet and the members attempt to visit them as generally as conceivable during a month. GPS Games is an incredible geocaching elective for the people who like less customary game idea.


Munzee clients need to download an extraordinary application for their android cell phone or iPhone. Whenever they find the control guide called Munzee they utilize the application toward examine the QR code. This QR code is an affirmation that they found the munzee. Some munzees can be found in the conventional geocaches. Munzee might be an option in contrast to geocaching for the people who favor the paperless geo chases, nonetheless, it is restricted to cell phone clients.


The objective of Tourality is to arrive at certain spots in the game set by moving towards them. There are a few game modes which can be played. Tourality is by all accounts ideal option in contrast to the geocaching game for the people who like FTF chases.

This multitude of games for GPS clients share one practically speaking – – they are played outside so it is more beneficial to invest energy with them contrasting and PC games. In the event that you pick any of them you will likely partake in loads of tomfoolery and meet others who are excited about outside GPS games.